"This is my home and I want to fix it."

-Leo Zacky


Leo Zacky Announces Campaign for Governor of California!

April 26, 2021

Leo Zacky wants to be the next Republican governor of California—and he’s very serious. He’s not your typical politician, and that’s a good thing. He’s a native Angeleno who truly loves California and cares about the people. “This is my home and I want to fix it.”

Leo is much more than an entrepreneurial businessman with good intentions, he is a personable leader with hands-on experience in navigating state politics, policies and regulations. This makes him very relatable to the many thousands of other business owners throughout the state. A man of and for the people. He has the knowledge, the passion and the solutions that California urgently needs.

“Business is a win or lose situation, starting at the top.” He is a fixer. He’s tired of politics as usual and intends to shake things up with conservative policies that work. He wants to “run, win, serve, and be done.” A breath of fresh air in a competitive gubernatorial race.

At the age of 29, he will be the youngest contender running for the state’s top position. Age is just a number when it comes to his commonsense approach, applicable business experience and his passion to face the challenges to turn things around.

If the name “Zacky” sounds familiar, it’s because he’s part of the family poultry dynasty known as Zacky Farms, a household name for organic chicken and turkey since 1955. Leo is the grandson of matriarch Lillian Zacky.

Leo chose to leave college to join the family business when it hit rough times in 2012 and filed bankruptcy. He wanted to do his part. They sold off the chicken part of the business to Foster Farms and began specializing in organic turkeys. Determined to help save the business, Leo started from the ground up and learned every facet of the family agricultural business. He held the position of vice president at the time Zacky Farms closed permanently in 2018.

Why did a successful poultry dynasty fail after decades of great success? Leo can explain why and how. He knows what other businesses are going through as they fight to survive in a political environment that is toxic and sabotaging the whole state under Democrat leadership.

During those six years, he learned that everything has a cost. As a rep for the business, he traveled throughout all of California, becoming familiar with the entire state and its niche issues. Leo received an education of a lifetime and met every challenge head on. Running a huge poultry business involved dealing with California regulations intertwined in the day-to-day issues such as how many birds to an area, satisfying massive water needs during a drought, sanitation, insurance for everything, the land and usage, equipment upgrades, trucking laws, freight costs, labor, taxes, and minimum wage issues related to out-of-state competitors where hourly wages were half.

As a member of the California Poultry Association (CPA), he rubbed shoulders with other top executives and political agents. He is very respected in the agricultural industry and by statewide business owners, which will garner him powerful endorsements and support.

Businesses will love that he’s running. He is a leader who really gets it and has real, credible solutions that will prosper and clean up the mess from years of Democrat rule. He will bring businesses back and restore California to its rightful place as a golden state.

Leo Zacky is a man of integrity and an innovator. He has plans and remedies for the homeless situation, COVID issues, voter integrity, immigration, the economy and more.

As Governor of California, Leo Zacky will take a dumpster dive into the corruption, mismanagement and political agendas that are driving out thousands of businesses and will take a stand to make California truly great again. Like President Trump, Leo is not a career politician, he is a visionary businessman who has the determination and know how to get California back on track to meet its greatest potential.



149 S. Barrington Ave, Suite 720, Los Angeles, CA 90049

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